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Careers at Hotel Riomar 

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As we collectively embark on a global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, Hotel Riomar is preparing to establish a new vision of hospitality.

By design, our hotel already had within its core values a positive outlook of the future: a relaxed space for escaping to, a sanctuary to explore from and return to having invigorated oneself with the delights of our location, where the river meets the sea.

We foresee travel to become more pan-generational and international, representing a mindset that cuts across identity lines. The way guests book their travel will be flexible and seamless, fueled by word-of-mouth approval and enabled by social media, smart banking that anticipates travel budgets and accessibility that requires less human-to-human contact.

At Hotel Riomar, we take care. We do this with our Riomar CARE program run in conjunction with Marriott's Commitment to Clean, a unique seal of approval in response to the new-normal, setting out our commitment to giving our guests peace of mind through safety and well-being, respecting the type of stay a guest wants to have wherever possible.

This also includes new measures we are implementing throughout our hotel relating to hygiene, sustainability, social commitment and technology.  Developed with a local philosophy in mind, Hotel Riomar is the result of a visionary mindset for the new era of travel. Our vision is to bring together community and culture in a mindful conversation of natural resources and a balance with the world. Emblematic of its mid-Century heritage, the new interiors combine heritage references from Modernism amidst the sophistication of a boutique hotel. Simple, functional and tastefully designed, Hotel Riomar's rooms feature stunning views across the Mediterranean Sea and Ibiza's natural ruralism.

As part of our commitment to our employees and for the benefit of Hotel Riomar, concrete hiring targets aimed at improving diversity and representation will be implemented across all areas of the hotel. This includes identifying the members of the team who excel at their roles and offering mutually beneficial rewards and opportunities to advance their careers with us. As an independent hotel, we are a family made up of a diverse pool of cultural talent. We embrace this diversity and present ourselves, the property and its services as forward-thinking with the ambition to create a legacy for all those who pass through its doors. The vision for Hotel Riomar is for it to be an attractive destination prepared considerately for all guests no matter from where they have arrived. This is one of the joys of the new-normal, as guests seek out destinations that thrive on quietus, calm and natural escapism. Hotel Riomar is not hedonistic, it is a place for the escapist agenda to flourish. We can all be dreamers, but don't waver the now for want of a distant future, embrace all that is available and ensure it is presented with excellence today and every day as we advance together.

Our employment agenda includes:

Invest in individuality

Fostering an environment where each person can push boundaries, take risks and challenge norms.

Pathfinder spirit

Taking initiative, leading by example and an immense sense of pride in their work.

Celebrate communities

Ensuring that every member of our community is looked after with a compassionate, respectful and collaborative manner.

New Experiences

We will have open positions for all levels of experience. Our emphasis is to establish a team that is confident and competent with a strong enthusiasm for exceptional service.

Stunning Island Destination

Positions are located in our hotel next to the beach of Santa Eulalia Bay, Santa Eulalia del Rio, Ibiza, Spain.

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Hotel Riomar and its associated companies are dedicated to be an equal opportunities employer.
We are unable to accept enquiries or applications from recruitment agencies.